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McCain - Diced Hashbrowns, 900 Gram, $3.99

Break free from breakfast boredom with McCain diced hashbrowns. These delicious bites of potato are ready in about 10 minutes, perfectly diced and perfectly delicious. These hashbrowns are the perfect just the way they are but if you're feeling adventurous, throw your favourite spices into the mix to create a new family favourite. Try McCain Diced Hashbrowns as a tasty side for breakfast, lunch, or dinner today and youll know why McCain knows hashbrowns better than anyone.

McCain - Diced Hashbrowns, 900 Gram
McCain - Diced Hashbrowns, 900 GramOpen product description

Western Family - Hashbrown Potatoes -Shredded, 1 Kilogram, $4.79

Great for breakfast or as a side dish. Keep frozen. Gluten & salt free. No artificial colors or flavors. Keep frozen.

Western Family - Hashbrown Potatoes -Shredded, 1 Kilogram
Western Family - Hashbrown Potatoes -Shredded, 1 KilogramOpen product description

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