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Ruffles - Ranch Dip, 425 Gram, $7.49

Ruffles Ranch flavoured dip is the perfect creamy & savoury option for your next party! Each jar is a mix of delicious spices, is ready-to-eat and pairs with just about any chip. The best part: all you have to do is open the lid and enjoy!

Ruffles - Ranch Dip, 425 Gram
Ruffles - Ranch Dip, 425 GramOpen product description

Tostitos - Spinach Dip, 432 Gram, $7.49

A delicious blend of spinach and other flavourful ingredients, perfect for any Tostitos tortilla chip! Reach in with your favourite chip for the perfect burst of creamy flavour in each bite.

Tostitos - Spinach Dip, 432 Gram
Tostitos - Spinach Dip, 432 GramOpen product description