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Sabra - Avocado Toast, 76 Gram, $4.49

This is sure to be your new favourite snack. Mouth-watering Avocado spread made from a fresh blend of Hass avocados and lemon gets paired perfectly with crispy whole-grain toast. Enjoy on-the-go for a nutritious and convenient snack!

Sabra - Avocado Toast, 76 Gram
Sabra - Avocado Toast, 76 GramOpen product description

Krinos - Halva Cocoa, 250 Gram, $5.49

A staple of the Greek dessert table, halva is made from crushed sesame seeds. This sweet, rich desert is a good source of fiber and is available in vanilla, almond, chocolate, peanut butter and honey and pistachio.

Krinos - Halva Cocoa, 250 Gram
Krinos - Halva Cocoa, 250 GramOpen product description

Mcsweeneys - Turkey Pep N Cheddies, 125 Gram, $9.29

Delicately seasoned turkey pepperoni paired with premium white cheddar. A milder snack thats still packed with flavour.

Mcsweeneys - Turkey Pep N Cheddies, 125 Gram
Mcsweeneys - Turkey Pep N Cheddies, 125 GramOpen product description

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