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Schneiders - Original Smokies, 900 Gram, $17.29

Naturally hardwood smoked, Schneiders Original Smokies are a labour of love that is worth all the work. These succulent smoked pork sausages are made with a coarser grind of pork and a natural hog casing to make them exceptionally juicy, then slowly smoked to give them a rich taste and colour without drying them out. Quickly grill up the spicy sausages to give them a signature char. Since 1890, Schneiders brand has established a rich heritage of original and authentic recipes, using premium ingredients and taking all the time needed to honour the origin and inspiration of each recipe. Quality never gets old.

Schneiders - Original Smokies, 900 Gram
Schneiders - Original Smokies, 900 GramOpen product description

Schneiders - Smokies Sharp Cheddar, 900 Gram, $17.29

Naturally hardwood smoked in small batches with real Canadian cheddar, these cheddar sausages are made with premium cuts of meat mixed with a spice blend, then slowly smoked for a rich, juicy taste. Diced pieces of velvety Canadian cheddar blended into the pork complement the smoky sausage to create the perfect flavour combination. These pork sausages are best finished on a grill or under the broiler to give them a bit of char.

Schneiders - Smokies Sharp Cheddar, 900 Gram
Schneiders - Smokies Sharp Cheddar, 900 GramOpen product description